Black is Beautiful!

I stand for Black Unity.  If we (Black People) Unite in our efforts, we could change the economic face of Black America.  In Harlem, New York, in the 1950’s, during the early days of the civil rights movement, here in the United States. There were many groups springing up on every street corner, seeking to win over the hearts and minds of the new ‘negro’ – That is what we were called then.

Now today, in this so-called ‘Black Awakening’, there are many (Black, Colored, African-American, Negro) groups gaining popularity in the digital realm. Although many of these have been around for years; New Black Panther Party, Black Hebrew Israelites, Pan-Africanist, Black-Separatist, Black Lives Matter, Black Church Folks (too many to list), Black Revolutionist, Socialist Democrats, Self-Hating Anti-Black Republicans, and countless more.

If the Administrator of this website required a label, then he would fall into self-reliant, black economic empowering, black entrepreneurship with a sense of community responsibility.

We have enough money within the black community to solve our own problems. We must first start in our own homes, and then re-educate our people from this slave plantation mentality of depending on others for approval and survival.

Support Black-Owned Businesses and service providers, deposit money in black owned banks or banks that have a track record of reinvesting in the communities in which they serve. Demonstrated by their lending practices. Home Loans, Commercial Property Lending, Business Loans (small and large) We need to educate our children within our own school system, with mandatory involvement of parents and guardians.  We could work on the self-esteem issues and self-hatred issues affecting our people, who grow up invisible; excluded from American and World History, except for the mention of slavery and the civil rights movement.

Many people believe it is a hopeless cause, I for one do not.  Yes, it will be a challenge to erase the media’s propaganda and the self-perpetuated stereo types expressed demonstrated in song lyrics, music videos, and bottom feeders such as ‘World Star Hip Hop’.  I know the entertainment industry is only a reflection and not the root cause, however, they only prolong the problems and do nothing to uplift our community.